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Vineyard Management


2010 been a tough year for all of us and many people that we have spoken to during the 2010 harvest have said the same thing - the fun has gone out of grape growing! When the prices are low and the yields dictated by the wineries lower still and you are struggling to cover costs, it's easy to start thinking about ripping out those grapes!

But wait, what about letting someone else take over the headache? You won't find many people interested in leasing a block at the moment, so that's a non-starter. But what about a 'half way house' arrangement?

There are genuine 'economies of scale' in grape growing and we reckon that around 20ha is the smallest area that can be worked economically. There are many reasons why and perhaps the most savings can be made with contract labour. When you start talking about 15ha plus it's amazing how the contractor suddenly starts listening and the prices (particularly his commission) can be pushed really low. Chemicals is another area where good savings can be made.

What we should actually do is form a series of co-operatives, the we could tell the wineries what the prices and yield were rather than us subsidising their inefficient vineyards! Seriously though, we think the answer lies below.

Full Management

We offer a service where we do everything for a fixed price. Based on varieties, yields and area, we'll agree a per hectare price. Leaves you to go off and do a proper job for real money somewhere else and hopefully enjoy an income from your vineyard with out the hassle.

Part Management

Similar to the above but you stay in control of the purse strings. Potentially more profit but more risk too. We'll arrange everything, we'll negotiate the best prices, find the cheapest contractors all for a fixed fee. You pay the bills. We guarantee to save you money!

The Catch!

Yes, you've guessed it. We do all the machine work, but is that a catch?  Here's a comparison of prices:

Machine work  Normal Rate  Rate for managed block 
Harvesting $185 per km $120 per km
Leaf plucking $45 per km $30 per km
Foliar spraying $185 per hour $100 per hour

At this point I will say, if any other contractor can actually get their prices below these we will happily employ them on your behalf!

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